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ALL RETURNING CUSTOMERS! Thank you so so much for your business and your trust in us! So glad you decided to let us help give you the wireless freedom you deserve! If you’ve already purchased and are looking to inquire about the status of your order – please swing over to the product page you ordered from and it will have your delivery time right there under the price. Don’t get me wrong – you are MORE than welcome to email/call us any time you like, even to say hi! Just keep in mind that until the max delivery time shown on the page has been reached, it’s in the manufacturer’s hands. We send your IMEI to our supplier the instant you order and email you the unlock within minutes of getting it back, 100% guaranteed! So if it hasn’t reached the max delivery time – just know we are working on it and will contact you the instant it’s available! If it has, definitely shoot us an email at or through the contact page to the left and we will check on this for you immediately! (P.S. 99% of the time, it’s on time – even faster!) We want to make sure every one of our customers is happy and taken care of! Thank you again and enjoy your day.
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