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Do you know you can unlock your iPhone 12 Pro Max easily without taking the help of iPhone service centers? Yes, a few simple tricks can help you unlock your iPhone 12 Pro Max without harming the device. In this write-up, we will highlight the easiest way to unlock iPhone 12 Pro Max. Read below to know more.

Unlocking your iPhone 12 Pro Max provides multiple advantages. For example, once you unlock your phone, it is unlocked for good. You can use your iPhone on any and every GSM carrier around the globe. It also enables you to sell your iPhone. Last but not least, it allows you to do away with roaming costs while you are traveling overseas.

The process of unlocking your iPhone 12 Pro Max is a cakewalk and you don’t need to have sound technical skills to do so.

The following guidelines will help you unlock your iPhone 12 Pro Max:

Your iPhone’s IMEI Number: The unlocking procedure of Apple iPhones requires SIM unlock code. The code is entered into your iPhone 12 Pro Max for unlocking it, along with your network provider details, and country. The unlock codes are based on the unique 15-digit IMEI number of the device, which can be easily checked by dialing *#06# on your iPhone or by checking the settings of your phone.

Network: To unlock your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, it is necessary to get the network in which your Apple device was bought. It is mandatory to provide the correct network for unlocking your device. If you are unsure about the network, you can count on the iPhone 12 Pro Max network finder.

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to unlock your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

(a) Make sure the SIM card inserted by you is from a different network instead of the one working on your Apple device.
(b) Unaccepted SIM cards won’t ask for a pin code. Therefore, ensure you insert a SIM card that doesn’t ask you to enter a pin. You may also turn off the pin-requesting option.
(c ) The next step is to start your iPhone 12 Pro Max and activate the Wi-fi.
(d) Your iPhone will ask you to download a small update.
(e) As soon as you download the small update, you can make use of your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max in any and every network.

What if Your IMEI is Blacklisted?

If your IMEI number is blacklisted, you would need a different type of iPhone unlocking service. Therefore, before starting the unlocking process, em if the IMEI number of your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has been reported as stolen, damaged, or lost. Also, you must make sure if your bills are unpaid for the contract. To determine if your IMEI number is blacklisted, try visiting any online site that enables you to check if your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is blacklisted.






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