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When you buy an iPhone 11, it remains locked to a specific mobile network. The device works only with SIM cards from that particular network in which it was bought. For example, if your iPhone was locked to Vodafone when you purchased it, the device will work only with SIM cards from Vodafone. Unlocking your Apple iPhone 11 makes your device network-free. Moreover, when you unlock Apple iPhone11, you can make use of any local SIM when you are traveling abroad, thus saving a lot of money.

Unlocking an iPhone 11 does not require a code. Apple iPhone 11 is unlocked remotely via Apple servers. There are two methods for unlocking an iPhone 11 from Apple. In this article, we’ll show you how to quickly unlock your Apple iPhone 11 so you can use it with different carriers.

However, before shedding light on the steps to unlocking your iPhone, let’s enlighten you about a few things that you should keep in mind before unlocking your device.

  • You need to provide your iPhone 11’s IMEI number. You can obtain your device’s IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your iPhone 11.
  • Alternatively, you may also go to your iPhone’s settings to check your device’s IMEI number.

In case your iPhone 11’s IMEI number has been reported as damaged/stolen or if the contract bills have not been paid, you will need a different kind of service.

The next step is to enter the relevant network information to unlock Apple iPhone11. You must disable the blockade inflicted by the network from which you bought your iPhone. However, if you don’t know which network your iPhone 11 was purchased on, you can use the network finder on your device.

Now let’s look at the steps to the First Method:

Step 1: Insert a SIM card from a network except for the one that is fully operational in your Apple iPhone 11

Step 2: An unrecognized SIM card cannot request a pin code at the start.

Step 3: Make sure you use a SIM card that does not require a pin code or deactivate the notification for a pin code.

Step 4: Now start your iPhone 11 and connect to Wi-Fi.

Step 5: You will be prompted to install a small update.

Once you download the update, your iPhone11 will be ready to be used on any network.

However, the Wi-Fi option may not always function properly. In such cases, the second method must be used.

Steps to the Second Method:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 11 to your computer or laptop using an unrecognized SIM card from a different network than the one where you bought the device.

Step 2: Start the iTunes application on your PC/laptop

Step 3: As soon as you start the iTunes app on your PC/laptop, a small update will be downloaded.

Step 4: Your iPhone 11 is now unlocked and network-free.

So these are the two steps of unlocking your iPhone 11. The above-mentioned steps of unlocking an iPhone 11 are completely legal.

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