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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing an unlock code on the customer understands & agrees to the following policies and conditions: General Information: has no affiliation with any cell phone manufacturer or cellular service carrier and does not represent itself as such. All trademarks, logos and images are copyright to their respective owners. Please contact report any misuse. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:’s satisfaction guarantee applies solely to the respect that the code is proven not working (i.e. that it is wrong). Should a code not be working due to it being wrong the customer must provide video proof of their claim as described below in the refund policy. The implication or misuse of the guarantee by the customer does not warrant a refund. The guarantee does not apply to a customer who is not satisfied with how their phone is operating after the unlock (connection to mobile network, setup & configuration, etc). does not manufacture phones and therefore does not control how a phone functions on a GSM network. Again, this guarantee applies only to a code proven not working, not how a customer feels. Interpreting this guarantee any other way is a direct violation of our Terms & Conditions and will not result in a refund. Processing Time: All processing times displayed on each individual phone page are stated in business days or business hours. The processing times stated on the site are the average turn around time which is based on information collected from previous orders of each service. Certain services only run Sunday-Thursday (Motorola), many do NOT run Saturday or Sunday. Please do not purchase if you cannot wait the stated times, there are no refunds given while an unlock code is processing (this and all other refund policies are stated below). Refund Policy: If your phone is blacklisted (you can check at any free imei checker for the status of your IMEI) or, you will not be refunded. We cannot unlock blacklisted phones, so please check before ordering. If for any reason the unlock code provided does not work, will grant a 100% refund on the purchase after video proof of the unlock code not working is provided. The customer must provide a video of the phone displaying the IMEI directly on the screen as well as rejecting any codes provided by Refunds for incorrect codes are processed immediately and can take 24-48 business hours to reflect in the customer’s bank or credit card. This video must be provided within 5 days of receipt of the code. No refunds are given after this point regardless of video provided. does not refund for orders if the customer deems that the phone is already unlocked. It is up to the customer to determine this prior to purchasing the code. To check if the phone you are trying to unlock is already unlocked please visit and follow the steps provided. There are no refunds if a customer is attempting to unlock their phone to use on a non-compatible network. Unlocking is specific to GSM phones only and does not allow the user to start using a CDMA network. The following networks cannot be used even if a phone is unlocked due to the incompatibility: Boost Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Page Plus, Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk Wireless, net10, Tracfone and many other networks. Unlocking a phone to get free services or features such as a Mobile Hot Spot, Music, Movies, Games or any other features will not be refunded. The aforementioned have nothing to do with unlocking and thus any customer unlocking for those purposes will not receive a refund. A customer unlocking their phone to break any user agreements that they have with their service provider will not receive a refund. It is up to the customer to research if their network can be used with an unlocked GSM phone. We are happy to answer any questions regarding compatibility, email us directly at prior to purchasing. It is up to the customer to ensure the correct input of the phone’s information when purchasing. The IMEI entered into the site must be found on the phone by dialing *#06#. If the IMEI provided is later found to be incorrectly submitted by the customer there is no refund provided. At no time will a refund be granted if the customer wants a refund while the code is processing. The turnaround times for all codes are explicitly stated on each individual phone page. If you cannot wait for your code to process, DO NOT PURCHASE. does not provide refunds for any customer that has been altered their phone in anyway prior to, during or after the purchase & deliver of an unlock code which deems the unlock not possible. Codes may not work if any part of the phone has been altered, our codes are for stock phones. This deals with refurbished phones. No refunds are given if an unlock code is delivered to a customer and it is claimed that their phone is hard locked meaning there is 0 attempts to unlock the phone. No refunds are given to a customer if they enter the code wrong and hardlock their phone Refunds are given for incorrect codes but not for customer error. There are absolutely no refunds for purchases made & proper configuration of BBM, BES, BIS, MMS, Internet, Email or any other feature on the phone cannot be done. Any feature besides the unlocking of the phone’s baseband and modem so that it can be used on any GSM carrier in the world is NOT unlocking and is up to the user to configure. Every attempt to get these features working for the user will be made, however, if it cannot be configured correctly there are no refunds offered. Any customer claiming that the code was never used, or that the unlock code is no longer needed will not receive a refund. There are no refunds given if a customer purchases an unlock code, it is delivered, then it is claimed that they found the code elsewhere for cheaper. In addition to this there is no refund given if a customer requests a price match AFTER payment is made. is not responsible for any customer hardlocking their phone We rely solely on each customer to correctly enter all the information about their phone into the site. If a customer has miskeyed any information regarding their phone into the site & is given a wrong unlock code based on this information and thus hardlocks their phone, no refund is given. To avoid hardlocking your phone only enter the unlock code provided once,if it is not working please contact us at so that we may resolve the issue. is not responsible for any further attempts to unlock your phone that result in the permanent hardlocking of the phone. does not manufacture phones, therefore no refunds are given if you break your phone, or it becomes defective due to a manufacturing error after the code is delivered or during the processing period. No refunds will be given if a customer is unsatisfied with the connection they are able to establish with the phone they are using. It is up to the customer to determine if the unlocked phone will allow access to a specific network’s 3G & 4G networks. Please research all aspects of the phone before purchasing the unlock code as well as the phone, there are absolutely no refunds once the code is purchased & the aforementioned is cited for a refund. There are no refunds offered to any customer who has purchased an unlock code without full knowledge and understanding of what unlocking a phone means. By purchasing an unlock code on the customer agrees to the aforementioned Refund Policy. The customer waives their right to a refund if an unlock code is delivered and a refund is requested but is in breach of our terms. A customer found in breach of the refund policy understands that any course of action taken against to receive a refund may result in legal action against the customer. The delivery times on the website are ESTIMATED and not guaranteed, there are no refunds due to wait time as we can not cancel the order once we submit it to the manufacturer. Lowest Price Online Guarantee: is proud to bring you the cheapest unlock codes that you can find anywhere online. If you have been offered a better price online, we will match or beat it. All customers asking for price adjustments due to our guarantee must provide email proof from the owner of the company offering the lower price as well as a link to their site showing the price advertised. has the final word on all pricing & whether a company offering a better price is deemed legitimate due to the large amount of fraudulent websites offering cheap codes. To qualify for the price guarantee, in addition to the aforementioned conditions, the service offered must match that of’s. Many of our services are significantly faster than any other company’s and thus any customer attempting to receive a lower price must provide evidence that the other offer matches that of our site. has the right to deny any customer our low price guarantee based on lack of evidence to the claim they are making regarding a competitor. There are NO REFUNDS given if a customer purchases an unlock code, it is delivered, then it is claimed that they found the code elsewhere for cheaper. In addition to this there is no refund given if a customer requests a price match AFTER payment is made. Security Verification: Due to identity theft & credit card fraud reserves the right to ask any customer for further verification about their order. Any order displaying mismatching information such as the name, name on the email address, area code, billing location and physical location is subject to’s verification process. This process may include providing copies of the credit or debit card used, as well as one or two forms of additional ID. will not share any of the requested information with anyone and it is immediately discarded after the verification process is complete. Any customer unwilling to provide the requested information will be permanently banned from our site & services. Additionally, any order that is cited as fraud will be provided to proper authorities and all information about the order will be handed over to them. Security is our top priority and any information requested is strictly for the card holders benefit. Would you want someone else stealing your credit card and identity and using it on our site? We don’t either!
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