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If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and want to unlock your smart device, we are here to help you out. A few simple steps will help unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus without damaging your device.

Advantages of Unlocking Your Carrier-locked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 

When you unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, you get the following advantages:

  • It is easy to move to a different service provider.
  • You can easily switch network providers and choose a better network that meets your requirements.
  • You can save money by avoiding roaming charges when traveling abroad.
  • While traveling overseas, you can save money by avoiding roaming charges. You just need to buy a local SIM card and make local phone calls.
  • Last but not least, an unlocked Samsung Note 10 Plus has a higher resale value than a locked one.

The procedure for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is simple and requires no technical knowledge. Here are a few things you need to have before unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

  • Your Galaxy Note 10 Plus comes with a unique IMEI number that can be obtained by dialing *#06# on your device’s keyboard. Alternatively, you may also obtain the IMEI number by checking your phone’s settings.
  • Note down your IMEI number and keep it handy before going back to your keypad screen.
  • The next step is to request a carrier unlock. Before proceeding with this step, make sure your Galaxy Note 10 Plus is eligible and your IMEI number has not been blacklisted. You should be able to raise an unlock request via customer service, either online or over the phone if you are the owner of the device and have paid it off for at least a month.

Steps to unlock your Samsung Note 10 Plus:

  • After your eligibility has been verified, you will be asked to provide your IMEI number.
  • When you insert a new SIM card, your carrier will either trigger an over-the-air notification or provide you with an unlock code which you need to type in after inserting your new SIM card.
  • Check to see if your Galaxy Note 10 Plus has been unlocked by using another SIM card. 

If you are a T-Mobile or MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy Note 10 user, you would have to connect your device to WiFi. Now, select Applications and navigate to the T-Mobile Folder. Now click ‘Device Unlock’ and then ‘Continue.’ The final move will be to pick ‘Permanent Unlock,’ followed by Device Unlock. Now tap Continue, click ‘Permanent Unlock’, and wait for the unit to unlock fully. Now restart your network-free device.

Alternatively, you can open your device’s Apps tray to choose Settings. Tap on Connections, followed by More Connection settings. Now, choose Permanent Unlock or Temporary Unlock from the Network Unlock menu. If you go for Temporary Unlock option, you’ll need a mobile data connection.

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